• Self contained skid-mounted unit
  • 75 and 150 kw high frequency generators available
  • Diesel powered water cooled engine
  • Auxiliary power source

  • Heavy duty electrical system
  • Clam-shell design allows easy access to weld
  • Rolls easily on the pipe
  • Easy open and shut
  • Light Weight

SEM’s self-propelled coating and wrapping machines apply a single dope coat and a single or double wrap of paper or fiber to pipe. These ruggedly built and self-contained machines can coat and wrap pipe from 6 to 42 inches (15.2 0 106.7 cm) in diameter.
  • Available in double coat and double wrap models
  • P.I.V. transmissions enable machine speeds and wrapping adjustments to be made while machine is in operation ensuring a uniform wrap
  • Hydraulically driven dope pumps ensure an even distribution of coating
  • As a safety feature, a hydraulically driven exhaust fan is mounted on the side opposite the operator to draw off fumes and smoke


  • Mountain climber assembly for added traction on steep grades

SEM’s Clean, Prime and Tape Machine is self propelled to perform the complete operation of cleaning, priming and wrapping pipe from 2 to 42 inches (5-106.7 cm) in diameter. The PROLINE designed counter-rotating cleaning heads, utilize a combination of brushes, cutters or knives, easily cleaning bends, sags and weld of the pipe.


  • Hydraulically driven primer pumps.
  • 360º spray rings for even distribution of primer.
  • P.I.V. transmission enables the operator to simultaneously change machine speed and adjust the tape lap without stopping the machine.
  • Available in seven models for different size of pipe.
  • Optional mountain climber assembly for added tractor on steep grades.
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