Spy ® Detectors offer accurate, reliable inspection of pipe coating, tracking pigs, locating underground cables and pipelines or locating leaks in pipe, offshore or onshore.

        » Spy® Portable Holiday Detectors

  • Technology that combines the case, probe and electrode configuration with new generation solid-state circuitry.
  • Simplified and more efficient.

          » Spy® Jeepmeter

  • Check your detectors voltage output with different voltage jeepmeters.
  • Model JM features a digital display and measures up to 40 kv.
  • Model PJM jeepmeters are pocket size that measure 0 – 20 kv.
        » Spy® Wet Sponge Model 670
  • Compact, lightweight - no bulky battery packs.
  • Uses standard 9-V battery and flat sponge electrode.
  • Optional high speed roller.

           » Spy® Pig Tracker and Sensor

  • Electronic pig tracking and locating system.
  • Senses and signals passage of a Spy® Pig Tracker equipped pig.
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