• Fast, safe and economical
  • Made with rubber belting over strong wire rope.
  • Self-releasing – belt automatically unhooks after pipe is landed.
  • All components are made from top-grade material including alloy steel end irons and abrasion resistant nylon, coated for better wear resistance.
  • Strong, lightweight and flexible for maximum ease of handling
  • Liftex also offers Lined Steel Choker Belt, steel-lined fabric-faced belts that holds the pipe firmly in place with no slippage.
  • Polyester Round Slings are the most flexible sling available –
    adapts to all types, sizes and load configurations.
  • Made from extreme load bearing, high tenacity polyester yarns.
  • Protected by two woven polyester jackets that act as
    a buffer between the load and the yarn –
    reduces wear.

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