» High Pressure

  • Thaxton® Pipe Stoppers – precision machined, case hardened.
      » Low Pressure
  • Wing Nut Test Plugs – cast iron.
  • Logiball® Multisize Plugs – reinforced rubber.
  • Cherne® Test Plugs – Test Ball® Plugs and Muni-Ball® Plugs.
  • Lansas® Plugs, Balls, Domehead and Flowthru or Leak Locator Plugs.

  • Low pressure Inflatable Gas Bags.
  • Designed to inflate to the exact diameter of the pipe to block dangerous fumes or gases from coming forward during repair of an active pipeline.
  • Varying gauges of rubber and polyester depending on the size.
  • Pressure gauges available.
  • Optional flame retardant cover and nitrile rubber bladder.
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