Renwrap® can be applied over a wide range of temperatures with good adhesion on both plastic     and F.B.E. pre-coated pipe.

    General Utility Tape

  • Available in 10, 12 and 20mil thickness for use on small diameter pipe joint, tees and ells.
  • Can be applied by hand but machine application recommended.

      » Pipeline Joint/Handwrap

  • A heavy duty joint and hand wrap coating tape designed for hand wrapping field joints, fittings, ells and tees.
  • Compatible with coal tar, fusion bond epoxy, asphalt and polyethylene pipeline coatings.
  • Available in four thicknesses’ for both small and large diameter pipe.
      » Primer
  • For application by machine or hand brush to all kinds of pipe surfaces from rough to smooth.
  • Non-flammable primer available.
  • High performance coatings that have excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment
  • High electrical resistivity
  • Easy to apply, fast setting and low cost.

    Protective coatings recommended wherever corrosion and abrasion are a problem on steel,     wood and concrete surfaces.


         » TAPECOAT® H50 Gray™

  • A new technology that features a cold-applied tape with multiple-alloy polymers for use both above and below ground.
  • Designed to protect the pipe from corrosion and electrolysis.
  • With an integrated primer, Tapecoat H50 Gray is resistant to UV rays, thermal expansion, impact and abrasion.
  • Liquid primer NOT required.

  • A 50 mil cold applied tape coating for in serve temperature of 120°f. (48.89°C).
  • It is used for coating pipe, pipe joints, fittings, couplings, tanks, cable and other metal surfaces.
  • Application can be by hand or machine while removing the release liner and spirally wrapping with a minimum overlap.
  • Complete corrosion protection system with a sealant and a water proofing system.
  • Formulated from petrolatum in the form of pastes, mastics and impregnated tapes and cords.
  • Cold applied, pliable, durable and easy to apply.
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